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Why Choose Siena Fence?

Not all vinyl fences are created equal!

The photograph below shows why it is so important to know exactly what you are spending your hard earned money on.

Most of the big-box stores and even many of our competitors sell an inferior product calling it the “finest quality” fence. At Siena Fence we believe a “quality” fence should look good many years after the installation is complete.

Two 6′ high vinyl privacy fences installed along Moe Road in Clifton Park, NY. Our competitor’s fence after only two seasons could not hold up against the elements. The Siena Fence, after six years, looks as good as the day it was installed. Take a drive and see the difference for yourself.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this photo on our site, we received a phone call from the owner of the property on the left of the photo. She wanted to thank us for posting this photo. When we asked why she explained that for over a year she had been calling the company that installed her fence, trying to get them to repair the damage. After months of getting the run around and countless unreturned phone calls, she had given up. Less than a week after we posted this photo, the company sent a crew to her home and finally repaired the fence.